Why You Shouldn’t Buy Your Dog Rawhide Dog Treats at Christmas

Or any time of year

Rawhide dog chews are actually made of leather, not meat and can negatively impact your dogs health

We all like to spoil our dogs during the Christmas holidays, but what foods are good for our canine pals and which ones can end up with an unexpected and costly trip to the vets?

Please be very careful what toys and treats you buy your dogs at Christmas this year.  Rawhide can cause very serious issues for dogs. Rawhide dog chews are made from LEATHER not meat and while many believe it is a good choice for improving dental hygiene, this isn’t the case. Rawhide chews start out hard, but as your dog chews and it gets softer, it turns in to something like bubble gum. This can make it a choking and intestinal obstruction hazard, offering no benefits for your dog. Rawhide dog treats are also treated with nasty chemicals, glue and colouring agents to make them look more appealing to us humans.

There are plenty of rawhide free treats available at pet stores such as Pets at Home, or you can make your own safe dog treats. Click here to check out a wonderful page by Rodney Habib.

When buying dog and puppy toys, ensure that the toy is of good quality and is suitable for the age and size of your dog. Puppies may play with a toy in a much different way to a full grown dog and remember,  never leave your dog unsupervised with chews and toys. 

The PDSA have put together a handy list of Christmas dog food do’s and donts here. This list is also useful for other holidays such as birthdays and Easter.

What can we give our dogs

  • Lean parts of the white turkey meat (plain and boneless) – the dark meat can be too rich for them
  • Carrot and/or swede mash (with no added extras like butter, salt or onion)
  • Plain boiled or raw carrots (without any glaze or oil)
  • Plain boiled parsnips (without any glaze or oil)
  • Plain boiled or steamed green beans
  • Plain boiled or steamed Brussel sprouts (no sauce)
  • Plain boiled or steamed broccoli
  • Plain boiled, steamed or mashed peas
  • Plain cooked cauliflower (no sauce).

But what should we NOT give our dogs?

  • Turkey Bones
  • Sweets
  • Alcohol
  • Fatty foods

Do you have a favourite dog toy or chew for your canine pal? Share it with me in the comments section below|:

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