Add a Spring to your Dog’s Step

Get ready for Summer and get in to your dog training with Hoppy dogs Day Care and the Hot Dog Trainer

Finally, as we are out walking our dogs we are starting to see the daffodils, snow drops and crocuses peek their heads through the grass and the sun is starting to shine for longer. Spring is on the way. This is great news for us dog walkers as hopefully we can start to wear less layers and go for longer walks. However we are still at the mercy of the elements so Hot Dog Trainer and Hoppy dogs have joined forces to offer the best experience for your canine pals as well as save you money!

Hoppy dogs is an indoor day care and dog park situated in the Ferndale area of the Rhondda Valley. Conveniently situated off the road with lots of parking, it’s the perfect place to walk your doggy, young or old and stay warm, dry and most importantly, free of mud.

I have also been using Hoppy dogs to carry out private and group dog training sessions. This has been wonderful, especially with all the rain we have been having. It will also be very helpful on hot days in the Summer.

Now here comes the best bit. Hoppy dogs and Hot dog Trainer have joined forces to SAVE YOU MONEY!

Every Hot Dog trainer client will save £5 on the first hour of doggy day care booked and every Hoppy dogs client will save £5 on their first dog training lesson lesson booked.

To benefit from this wonderful discount just quote Spring 22 when booking. So get your dog ready to impress with his amazing good behaviour and kick start your dog training and socialising and BOOK NOW! Group dog training lessons with Hot Dog Trainer are small and based upon the dog’s size. So no big dogs will be put with small dogs and we will not have any more than 5 dogs in one lesson.

Have you visited Hoppy dogs yet? What did you think? Let me know in the comments below.

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