Fall Faves for Walking the Dog

Autumn is here and with that brings chilly dark mornings. add in the dark starts to the day and the joy of walking the dogs (for me anyway) turns to dread. So what can we do to wrap up warm against the Fall weather and look stylish as we get our exercise and fun with our pooches?

Do We Need to Put Coats on our Dogs?

In most cases the answer is no. Dogs have evolved to have coats that attune to the local weather. For instance, when my dogs lived in the Cayman Islands they did not have undercoats, they simply didn’t need them in a climate that rarely fell below 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

Now we live in Wales, my Shepherd mix, Hobo gladly sheds his coat twice a year to insure he is well insulated. Sixteen year old Rosa however, has really has never developed an undercoat and will sit and shiver with me on the couch as the winter draws in.

There is a school of thought that says if you keep your dog bundled up in coats and jumpers it will weaken its own coat and prevent that natural undercoat development.

We must remember that older dogs and puppies do not regulate heat well. So, as we take extra care to keep them cool in the summer, we must take care to keep them warm as temperatures drop in Autumn.

The other reason I like to get my dogs coats is to protect them, me and the house from mud and rain; but this really is a cosmetic desire rather than a necessary requirement for my dogs.

How Much Do I need to Spend?

My favourite place to but doggy clothes is B&M. They offer stylish coats, jumpers and accessories for doggies of all shapes and sizes at a budget to suit all pockets. Look at the cute little scarves here! Personally, I don’t like to spend too much on dog clothes as my eldest girl, Rosa will at any given chance, come back from the bushes “naked”. Sometimes the rain coat I have carefully selected for her reappears weeks later as the leaves fall from the trees.

I also enjoy visiting stores such as Pets at Home to get slightly higher end labels for the doggies such as Barbour coats.

What Should I Wear?

For me, an absolute must is a bobble hat. I feel naked if I go out in the colder months without a hat on my head. In fact I have had people fail to recognise me when I am not wearing a hat. Other fall dog walking favourites for me are my Hunter wellies, thick fleecy socks inside of them to keep my feet warm and of course my waterproofs.

What about you? What MUST you have now the days are getting darker and colder for you and your dog?

Let me know in the comments below:

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