Teach Your Dog to Recall

Getting your dog to come back when called can be a challenge for some dog owners. There is no doubt that it can be harder to get some dogs to recall than others. For instance scent hounds, like Beagles or hunting dogs like Whippets can be so occupied with a scent or their prey, they simply block out all distractions, such as you calling them, where as, a German Shepherd or Doberman is hard coded to stay by your side.

Whatever your dogs breed you can reinforce a reliable recall with POSITIVE training.

Look at little Theo demonstrating perfectly how to come back when called.

On my YouTube channel, you will also find other basic obedience and recall videos.

We stated training Theo on the long line, by simply rewarding him every time he came to our side, then we slowly built it up. Training dogs needs to be done in small steps, slowly rewarding success each time before you add a bit more learning. Recall is just the same. Don’t be afraid to use long lines and NEVER scold your dog if he runs off when you call him.

Reach out to me on the contact methods below if you need help training your doggy.


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