Top 5 Tips for a Calmer Dog on New Year’s Eve

Fireworks can be very loud and very scary for your dogs and puppies, especially if it is their first New Year’s Eve, so I have put together a few handy hints to keep your doggies comfortable.

Why You Shouldn’t Buy Your Dog Rawhide Dog Treats at Christmas

Or any time of year We all like to spoil our dogs during the Christmas holidays, but what foods are good for our canine pals and which ones can end up with an unexpected and costly trip to the vets? Please be very careful what toys and treats you buy your dogs at Christmas thisContinue reading “Why You Shouldn’t Buy Your Dog Rawhide Dog Treats at Christmas”

Represent Maerdy in these FAB T-shirts!

Get ’em while they’re hot! Maerdy T-Shirts in stock NOW! £9.99 Limited numbers!!! Ladies (Navy) fitted t-shirts (S-XL) Mens (Gray) 100% cotton t-shirts (S-XXL) A portion of the sales will be donated to the Friends of maerdy pool and park Those of us that live in Maerdy know it is a special place in theContinue reading “Represent Maerdy in these FAB T-shirts!”

Help Me Help The Dogs Trust

Have you heard of the Dog’s Trust? Depending on how old you are, you may remember the yellow car stickers that bore the message A Dog is for Life, not just for Christmas. That was back when the Dogs Trust was known as the National Canine Defence League. Since then, the Dogs Trust has evolvedContinue reading “Help Me Help The Dogs Trust”

Why NO is Not a Training Command

We’ve all done it, shouted NO at our dogs and they carry on doing what they were doing. But why? It is important to understand how hard dogs work to understand us. They watch every little move we make and pick up on words we use frequently and remember them. So why don’t they understandContinue reading “Why NO is Not a Training Command”