Hot Weather and Dogs – What You Need to Know

Most of us know that prevention is better than cure and that is also the case when it come to avoiding heatstroke with us and our doggies.

Teaching a Cavapoo to Walk to Heel

Polly’s owners reached out to me as they just couldn’t get their adorable little Polly, a 9 month old Cavapoo to walk to heel, or stop being reactive to other dogs. As always, I visited the family home to see how Polly behaved around her family and to see if she had basic obedience skills.Continue reading “Teaching a Cavapoo to Walk to Heel”

Be Careful What Your Dog Eats at Family Gatherings

Family gatherings are a great time for your dog. They get to see lots of people, get lots of new attention and sometimes get get given treats they wouldn’t normally get. The PDSA have put together a handy list of human food do’s and dont’s here. This list is also useful for other holidays such as birthdays,Continue reading “Be Careful What Your Dog Eats at Family Gatherings”

Crate Training a Puppy

Crate training a puppy is never an easy thing to do. It takes time, patience and being able to ignore your little puppy crying. However, crate training your puppy has so many benefits. These include: Having a safe place for your puppy to go Allowing your puppy to fulfill his denning instinct Making travelling inContinue reading “Crate Training a Puppy”